Monday, 20 June 2011

Facts About Porn/Masturbation Addiction

The chemicals that are released in the brain when people are acting out with sex dependency are every bit as powerful as any substance they could be putting into their bodysex addiction in the news ).

- When a male adolescent sees pornography it releases endorphin similar to heroin. 

- Orgasm is a feeling that lets us forget everything for a few seconds. Its a High.

- Addiction only occurs in a small percentage of the population. You are not alone if you have an addictive behavior. (People who become addicts tend to be some of the smarter one in the crowd)

- Life becomes unmanageable meaning, we are not able to do what we want to do in life and end up doing what it takes to do it one last time. (Addicted rats 'starved themselves' rather than give up junk food in study.)

- All insecurities seem to disappear while doing it. We use it to fill a void in life.

- Trying to talk oneself out of a craving is like self hypnotizing to do it one last time. It's important to get some kind of help.

Alcohol abuse and other substance abuses lead to similar conditions. One of the best ways to get out of the addiction known till date is to follow the 12 steps and know that one is not alone in battling the addiction. Its the new drug that no one wants to talk about.

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Facts about addiction and terms in parlance of addiction as a disease :

- Addiction is a disease that affects one at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

- Addiction is a lonely disease. Selfishness is a big part of it.

- Its a progressive disease. Guilt cycles and hopelessness ultimately lead to rock bottom.

- Binge - indulgence for a long time

- Rock Bottom is when you don't really know what else to do and become suicidal but can't kill yourself either.

- Will power is useless against stopping yourself. The cravings take more than just being strong willed to overcome them. 

- We develop a personality with which it is very difficult to be honest.

- We try to talk about the problem with a professional but they don't seem to understand our problem. And the defiance and belligerence of an addict
(a part of the disease in my opinion) doesn't allow one to agree to anyone.

- We live in constant denial which is a state of peril in reality.

If you feel that these are some of the things that you have been through and if your life has become unmanageable check out the links and attend a 12 step meeting through SA.